Jiangmen fishing boat factory: what basic equipment does a fishing boat have?

2020-08-21 760

Power plant

The main engine power of fishing vessels is generally 1.5-4.5 kilowatts per ton, some as high as 6-7 kilowatts.

Large and medium-sized fishing vessels and fishing base vessels are equipped with freezing and processing equipment, and the engine power is 65% - 85% of the main engine power.

In order to improve the efficiency of the main engine, the engine, capture winch, refrigeration device and air compressor are often driven by the main engine, which increases the complexity of the power plant.

The working conditions of trawlers, fishing inquiry vessels and longline fishing vessels are changeable. Adjustable pitch propeller and booster are often used to make rational use of the main engine power and improve the maneuverability, flexibility and steering performance of the vessels.

Capture machine

There are many kinds and complex capturing machines with high power.

The winch used in trawlers, the pulling force and twisting speed vary with the water depth, fishing gear, ship size and main engine power.

There are more than 20 Seine fishing machines. In order to cooperate with the Seine operation, some of them are equipped with 3-5 fishing boats.

The longline fishing vessels are equipped with wire adjusting machine, winding machine, pay off machine and bait hanging machine.

Squid fishing boats and rod fishing boats are equipped with automatic fishing machines.


Preservation and processing equipment

Coastal and offshore trawlers are mainly stored in ice at about 0 ℃;

Small and medium-sized Seine fishing boats are mainly kept in cold sea water of about - 1 ℃;

For trawlers or fishing base vessels operating far away from the fishing port, low-temperature freezing, such as flat plate freezing, tunnel type air blowing freezing, etc., shall be selected;

The catches of rod fishing vessels and tuna longline fishing vessels are frozen in low-temperature saline water at - 50-55 ℃.

Some fishing boats are preserved in light salt at low temperature or slightly frozen at - 3 ℃.

In addition, in large and medium-sized pelagic fishing vessels, the catch can be processed into fish fillets, fish segments, cans, surimi, fish meal, etc., and a variety of fish processing and processing machinery are available, such as fish washing machine, fillets machine, slicing machine, peeling machine, meat picking machine, fish meal machine, etc.

Fishing aid and navigation communication equipment

Fishing aid and navigation communication instruments are mainly used to explore fish groups or assist in catching operations. They mainly include vertical fish detector, fishing sonar, net information instrument, distance meter between two tug boats, length tensiometer of trawl, radar buoy and its receiver, etc.

Modern fish detector has been equipped with a computer, which has the functions of memory, storage and analysis. The fish sonar has been developed into electronic scanning type, which can be used to explore and display fish stocks directly.

The integrated fishing aid system is composed of fishing AIDS and navigation instruments. Some fishing inquiry vessels combine the detection signals of fish detection and fishing gear with the control, propulsion system and fishing machinery of fishing vessels to complete the automatic control of trawls.

Tonnage and inspection of fishing vessels

Gross tonnage is the total internal volume of a fishing vessel measured in accordance with the tonnage measurement specifications and calculated in registered tons (2.83 meters). The world's small and medium-sized fishing vessels are generally tens to hundreds of tons, and large fishing vessels reach 1000 tons, even more than 40000 tons. In order to ensure the safety of fishing vessels, fishing vessels are inspected regularly and certificates are issued in the process of construction and use.

Source: Jiangmen fishing boat construction factory http://www.zhongyucy.com/

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