Jiangmen shipyard: basic framework structure of fishing vessels

2020-08-21 800

Basic skeleton structure of fishing vessels

Main skeleton structure types of fishing vessels

Longitudinal skeleton type

The distance between longitudinal stiffeners is smaller than that of transverse girders.

Transverse framework type

In the direction of long edge ship width and short edge length, the distance between transverse stiffeners is small and that of longitudinal girders is large.


Hybrid skeleton type

According to the strength and application requirements, the combination of longitudinal frame type plate frame and transverse frame type plate frame can be selected for some ship structures. For example, the longitudinal frame type is selected for the upper deck and bottom of some large cargo ships to increase the total longitudinal strength of the hull; and the transverse frame type is selected for the side of the ship which mainly resists the shear force and the lower deck which mainly resists the partial strength and transverse strength. Due to the location of the head and tail end of the total longitudinal bending moment is larger than that of the small area, the transverse frame type (mainly the strength of the resistance part) is selected. This kind of ship using two kinds of skeletons together is called hybrid skeleton ship. According to the distribution characteristics of bending moment and bending stress on the hull, this is reasonable.

Source: Jiangmen fishing boat construction factory http://www.zhongyucy.com/

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