Jiangmen fishing boat factory: what is the gap between wooden fishing boat and steel fishing boat?

2020-08-21 815

According to the raw materials of fishing vessels, fishing vessels can be divided into steel fishing boats, wooden fishing boats, glass fiber reinforced plastic fishing boats, steel wood mixed fishing boats, steel mesh cement fishing boats and other raw materials fishing vessels. Next, we will first introduce the differences between wooden fishing boats and steel fishing boats.

Wooden fishing boat is made of wood as the primary material. Compared with the fishing boat made of steel, there are many shortcomings: wooden boat will become heavier with time: because of the water absorption of wood, the center of gravity of the fishing boat will be skewed due to the drying of wood when the fishing boat is just made. After using for a period of time, the fishing boat will fly for a period of time, and the weight of the boat will be large after absorbing water from the wood With the increase of the amplitude, the stability of the ship becomes worse, because of its non plasticity, the water resistance and energy consumption increase correspondingly. In addition, there are great hidden dangers in wooden fishing vessels: wooden fishing boats are generally made of whole piece of wood, and the strength is far lower than other raw materials such as steel, and their wind and wave resistance ability is poor. Some fishermen will produce in cross sea areas, which increases the safety risk. The increase of catches on board and the impact of sea waves on the deck of a ship are very simple, resulting in the instability of the center of gravity and even rollover of the fishing boat. In addition, wooden fishing vessels are very simple to be corroded by sea water and attached to marine organisms, which will affect the stability and safety of ships. To increase power consumption, it is necessary to carry out regular upper row protection and painting. Compared with steel vessels, the cost of protection is greatly improved.


Steel fishing boats are more powerful and more economical than wooden ones because they are made of steel structure. Due to the good plasticity of steel data, the ship's appearance and structure design are reasonable, and the resistance reduction and power consumption are correspondingly less. Compared with wooden fishing vessels, steel fishing vessels have better wind resistance and wave resistance, stronger power and faster speed. They can go to the far sea area for production and operation, increase considerable economic benefits, and not simply cause instability and overturning of the center of gravity and other related safety problems. Through special treatment, steel fishing boats can resist seawater corrosion and reduce the attachment of marine organisms, reduce power consumption and reduce the cost of protection. In addition, the service life of vessels is higher than that of wooden fishing vessels. According to the above analysis, it is recommended that the fishermen should not use wood materials in making new boats, but can replace them with steel materials and other materials.

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