Jiangmen shipyard: technological process of modern shipbuilding

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Hull lofting

Linear lofting: it is divided into technical lofting and machine (computer) lofting. The technical lofting is generally 1:1 share, and the sample platform needs to occupy a large area, so the demand is large



Machine lofting, also known as mathematical lofting, relies on advanced technology and software to loft the hull, with high accuracy and no occupation of space and manpower, machine lofting is widely used.

Structure lofting and unfolding: lofting and unfolding of each structure, making corresponding processing template and sample bar.

Cutting sketch: make corresponding cutting sketch.

Steel pretreatment

The surface of steel is pretreated to relieve stress.

Steel correction: generally mechanical method, that is, the use of multi roll straightening machine, hydraulic press, steel straightening machine, etc.

Appearance finishing:

A. mechanical derusting methods, such as shot blasting and shot peening, are widely used;

B. pickling, also known as chemical derusting, uses chemical reactions;

C. technical derusting method, using hammer and other things to knock rust

Component processing

Edge processing: cutting, cutting, etc;

Hot and cold processing: eliminate stress, deformation, etc;

Forming processing: hydraulic press, frame cold bending machine, etc.


Hull installation

Hull (parts) installation, various components are assembled and spliced into various space shapes we need.

Hull welding

The space shape after installation is welded to make it an integral whole.

Density experiment

All kinds of density experiments, such as coloring experiment, ultrasonic wave, X-ray, etc.

Ship launching

After the formation of the water, all volumes below the planned assembly line are immersion volume.

Gravity launching: the general method is slipway launching and launching by ship's weight and sliding speed;

Buoyancy launching: the general way is dock;

Machine launching: it is suitable for small and medium-sized ships, which are delayed or lifted into water by mechanical equipment.


Ship outfitting includes outfitting system, mooring system, mechanical installation, electrical fitting, pipe fitting, etc.

Ship experiment

Ship experiment, berthing experiment, inclining experiment, sea trial (to test the performance of the ship).

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